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Thursday, August 04, 2005

So now what?

I haven't really figured out what I'm going to post about on this site. I think it will be a whole lot of nothing until I get the hang of it. Problem is I don't think people would find what I have to say interesting. I mean, I'm a geek so unless you're a geek also chances are I'm pretty boring. I guess there's nothing wrong with writing about geeky tech spec and whatnot, geeks are the most likely to read a blog anyways. Not to mention the title of this blog is TomTheGeek so I guess that pretty much seals the deal right there.

Unfortunately there are million + 1 tech blogs and there's nothing much I could come up with that would be anything different. I don't want to just post about stuff I found on Slashdot ect.., if you wanted to know what's going on at Slashdot you would be over there instead of reading this. So now what?

How about this for starters:

Since I mentioned Slashdot several times already, what is the deal with the spelling Nazi's correcting everybody in the comments? I know there are English majors or whatever that cannot stand to hear someone talk improperly but it's Slashdot, not an English forum. It's gotten to the point where they are just a given and people are apologizing in advance for their comment and half the posts are about how the article has a bazillion errors in it.

We can't spell. We get it. Now leave us alone. Go talk about complete sentances and pronouns in the corner with the other freaks and let us talk about routing protocols in peace. I'm sure there are plenty of forums dedicated to proper english, go bother them for a while.


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