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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hot new PS3 controller

I completely missed this but apparently Sony ditched the boomerang controller and unveiled the final PS3 controller at E3. It proves that they really do have some smart people working there, it's just the management that's driving them into the ground. There are a lot of things to like about this controller and hopefully the PS3 itself will be just as well thought out.

First off I see a miniUSB port and that's almost always a good sign. It also uses Bluetooth for wireless play (brilliant) and has a motion sensor similar to Nintendo's Wii though I doubt many games will use it. The MiniUSB could be used to connect it to a desktop computer ala the xBox 360 controller as well as charge it for wireless use without requiring a separate wall wart. If we're really lucky they'll even let us use it as a Bluetooth controller for desktop gaming.

The design is very similar to previous PS controllers which isn't a bad thing at all, they have always been very easy to use. Heck I might have to pick one up just to use on my computer with NES games.


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