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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sony hates you

Music phones are catching on and really in the future no one will have an iPod and a phone, everything will be on the phone. While I can't carry my entire music collection with me on my phone yet, I'm sure I will be able to eventually. Sony however, just can't seem to figure out what makes a good MP3 player. First they ruined their stand alone players by making you convert all your music to ATRAC format in order to listen to it. No one wants to convert their music again, they want to listen to in the format they have now. As a result Sony MP3 players bombed, and almost no one has one. If you don't believe me all I have to do is mention the bean.

Since they can't make a decent stand alone MP3 player Sony decided to focus instead on the Next Big Thing, music phones. They make some pretty nice looking music phones but they all have at least one flaw, they don't hold enough music. Most of them only hold 512MB which is really not enough. 1GB should be the minimum anything that plays MP3's should have. Sony is working on a 4GB phone, lets hope they don't screw that one up too badly.

Today I noticed this gem, the Sony Ericsson W300i. Notice the big plug on the bottom. There's NO regular headphone jack. How can you make a music phone without a headphone jack?? Sony is either completely clueless or they really don't care about the user, they just want to push their accessories and memory formats. The latter sounds about right because instead of using the industry standard SD card for storage it uses you guessed it, the new Sony micro memory stick. Oh boy another micro memory format that only works in Sony products and holds a whopping 512MB (for now, 1GB versions are supposedly coming). It's nice to see a phone that exists solely to push other Sony products.


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