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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

MOXI brings back the 30 second skip!

Yesterday I started watching TV with my Motorola MOXI DVR and something was different, the menus were flipping in and out in an animated way that they haven't before. I look closer, and OMG!@!, I got the 4.1 updated firmware!! My Moxi is flying along like it never has, menus are super responsive and have a new shiny look to them. I start digging around and find two more surprises.

First, they brought back the 30 second skip!! It has always been a 15 minute skip which is pretty much worthless.

Second, they enabled external hard drive support!! That's right, now I can plug in a USB hard drive and expand the storage of my Moxi.

I am extremely pleased in the performance of the menus, before they were so god awful slow. The 30 second skip and external drive support is just icing on the cake. I'm still planning on ditching the Moxi in favor of a multi room MythTV setup but at least the Moxi will be easier to live with until I get it setup.


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