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Saturday, March 22, 2008

at&t activates 3G in Madison WI, 612 kbit/sec

I was delighted to find this morning that my phone had finally switched over to 3G. I've been waiting for them to flip the switch ever since I picked my Tilt which is the first phone I've ever owned that supports 3G. I'm not sure what other cities were lit up as well but I am doing a little traveling tomorrow so I'll see how long I keep my new high speed magic carpet ride. It will also be interesting to see how this affects my battery life, it's been pretty good so far giving me at least two days of regular useage. As long as it can still give me one day I can live with that as I charge my phone every night anyways.



  • That's pretty awesome. How's coverage around the campus area? I just got a refurb iphone and the edge network sucks! Thinking of selling my iphone when the 3g model comes around now that there is 3g here! Thanks for posting this info as I have been looking around on the web for awhile for confirmation of this.

    By Blogger Topher, at 4:21 PM CDT  

  • I haven't gotten downtown yet so I can't say for sure but it's worked everywhere in Madison thus far so I'd be surprised if it wasn't active there too.

    By Blogger TomTheGeek, at 4:28 PM CDT  

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