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Thursday, March 07, 2019

Mini-Z Tips: Front Springs

Front Spring Set MZW401

The front springs are the easiest method of adjusting car balance. Just a couple screws and the body mount and spring holder drop right out.
Softer springs will make the car grip in the front better leading to more over-steer. Harder springs will make the car push for more under-steer. The normal set is good for plastic control arms. They also sell a soft/short spring set (MZW423) that works well with aluminum control arms. I have both sets for the most flexibility.
Front Spring Set MZW423
Generally you want to run the softest spring you can get away with. Going to far will result in traction rolls or the body hitting the ground.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Mini-Z Tips: Pinion Gears

The pinion gears that come with the MR-03 are crap. Once of the first things you should do is replace them with an upgrade set. The teeth on the stock Kyosho gears do not mesh properly and so they are slow and loud. With new pinions your car will be faster and use less power.
PN Racing Part #400324

PN racing makes a set that works well, Kyosho makes as set as well (SP Pinion Gear Set Part #MZW119). Don't worry about this if you're going to swap in a ball diff, those usually come with their own pinions. But otherwise this is a must-have upgrade usually costing less than $6.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Mini-Z Tips: Rear Suspension Plate (T-Plates)

This is the first in a series of posts (hopefully) about Kyosho Mini-Z racing. Specifically the MR-03 2WD cars that come with the KT-531P Transmitter. The Sports or Sports 2 series are more about drifting which is fun but not the goal here. There isn't a lot of updated information available in English that I've found. Even the manufacturers have terrible information and don't explain how to use the products.

In this post I'm going to talk about T-Plates, the rear spring at the bottom of the car. This is only one half of the rear suspension, the other half is the damper on the top but I'll talk about those in another post.
Installation of T-Plate
So far the Carbon Fiber T-Plates seem to be the most popular. A good mix of traction and durability. There are fiberglass plates which can work well but are fragile. The same goes for PN Racing T-plates, I like the Kyosho plates instead. The Kyosho plates don't have as much cut out in the middle and that makes them more durable.

Kyosho KYOMZW403 T-Plate Set
T-Plates come in varying widths and this allows us to change the handling. A softer T-plate promotes rear grip and will allow the car body to roll more. Go softer if you want more Oversteer.

A stiffer plate will make the car have more Understeer but can help with traction rolling. You want to run the softest plate you can get away with generally.