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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cingular 8925 trumps iPhone

The iPhone has been out for a while and I'm definitely not going to get one. The iPhone sacrifices functionality for usability which is great for the tech illiterate but for anyone with a brain the Cingular 8925 (on the left) has every feature the iPhone has plus more at about the same price.

Supposedly the Cingular 8925 will be available in August 2007. That is a phone I would be willing to wait in line for.


  • great photo steal from the review. Plus the version you have up there is the Kaiser. the 8925 is likely to have the front camera removed. Its kind of annoying when people who have never touched the phone start posting up garbage on the internet.

    By Blogger Patrick, at 3:47 PM CDT  

  • Whoops forgot to link the photo back to the source. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Seems you're unsure of the final configuration of the 8925 too so why don't we both wait until it comes out before we start bashing each other over details.

    By Blogger TomTheGeek, at 4:13 PM CDT  

  • My comment is about the August date. It would be helpful if you could say where you got that info. Is it from a source I've not yet seen, or is it from the same (old) post I've seen on
    Just so we know if this is a 2nd confirmation of the date, or all the same rumor being spread.


    By Anonymous RF9, at 5:35 PM CDT  

  • I'm not positive where I got the August release date but it is definitely not any new insider information. Just what I heard from various sites.

    By Blogger TomTheGeek, at 5:56 PM CDT  

  • This will be the true do it all mobile device of the year for GSM networks. I cannot wait for this phone! I am also interested in the i760 for VZW. They seem pretty comparable so I am very excited to see how they stack up to each other.

    By Anonymous Anthony M, at 7:21 AM CDT  

  • From what I see, the Kaiser/8925 kills the Samsung i760. The i760 has 128mb ROM and 64mb RAM, compared to the Kaiser's 256mb ROM and 128mb RAM. The Kaiser has a 3mp camera compared to 1.3mp on the Samsung. The Samsung does have the full QWERTY keyboard and the number keypad, like Helio's Ocean, which is very cool.

    By Blogger Dave, at 1:39 PM CDT  

  • Hey Tom, sadly I don't think the AT&T 8925 (aka Kaiser) is coming in August, or anytime soon for that matter (I HOPE I AM 100% WRONG).
    The FCC is continuing to hold (or stay) its ban on Qualcomm 3G chips into the US.

    I suppose based on this article, we now have to beg President George W. Bush to get the Kaiser state-side.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:13 PM CDT  

  • I'll give you a hint. You got the "August" release date from here:

    Which writes "06-10-2007, 01:09
    HTC Kaiser heading to AT&T in August The Cingular 8525 is going to be replaced in August. The new HTC Kaiser is coming to AT&T in August. Stay tune for more news."

    Notice the date is 6/10, which is over a month old.

    Not really a big deal that you mentioned it might be August. But all of the major gadget blogs picked up on your post and linked back to you as a "Source."

    BGR basically first posted, and because they did, PocketPC Thoughts, Engadget, and now intomobile have all recently posted this as "news."

    Not really your fault Tom. You're just posting it by the way side.
    But it's both comical and sad really. Because of this event I've lost a lot of respect for BGR and Engadget that I hold to a higher degree of newsworthiness than posting your post as a source of news for this.

    By Anonymous RF9, at 6:36 PM CDT  

  • RE:my by above post where the URL got cut off.

    By Anonymous RF9, at 6:38 PM CDT  

  • Just got FCC approval on 7/25/07'NM8KS'

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:58 PM CDT  

  • Jeez, give the guy a freaking break. He's putting some opinion out there and all you idiots can do is slam him. Lighten the eff up.

    My source tells me September.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 PM CDT  

  • According to a local AT&T store in my hometown, the release of the 8925 is in September 07. I have the 8125 (i know there is an 8525 but I didn't see enough of an advantage to get it) and I love the phone. Does anyone know if the 8925 is going to have GPS on the actual phone? Till now all cingular phones have only had an application that links to an external GPS device (with the exception of 1 blackberry). Verizon has over 10 phones with GPS on the PHONE. I hope the 8935 has GPS, if so it should sell fast.

    By Anonymous Chad, at 12:25 AM CDT  

  • Another wrong post...the HP 6515 had internal GPS which came out years ago. And lets think the whole VZW vs. AT&T who's better than who thing through...Verizon has NO global presence whatsoever. If you want to travel you need to rent a phone from them. And sure they will release dual capable devices but the cost is going to be out outrageous to integrate CDMA and GSM. Please...If you have the ability to take your phone to practically any country right NOW, Verizon customers should wake up.

    By Anonymous GuidedByVoices, at 9:01 AM CDT  

  • Its true, the sheer ignorance is astonishing. Purchasing Verizon is basically supporting "miles, feet, inches, pounds.." etc. Its absurd, and at least with GSM you have the capacity to unlock functionality. Verizon has COMPLETE control over their phones, and they use it to screw their customers over whenever they can. An average consumer doesn't even know the majority of the states in the US, forget trying to inform them about the rest of the planet.

    Regarding the GPS, I am willing to bet if it does have it enabled, ATT will find a way to lock it down so only its software can access it and they can charge you for Telenav (what nonsense).

    Back on topic though, I am looking forward to the 8925. My 8125 has been great.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:27 PM CDT  

  • Really? Because a friend of mine has an AT&T BlackBerry 8800, and its GPS is completely open. It works with google maps and the yahoo go program. The new Curve 8310 will have GPS, and all indications it won't be locked either. So why would you think they would lock the GPS on this phone?

    By Blogger nuOpus, at 9:15 PM CDT  

  • As to my knowlegde from working for at&t retail store, you could use the GPS with the bluetooth gps receiver on the current curve (8300) as well as the Blackjack and I'm sure other phones as well using google or yahoo. I was having difficulty trying to use it with the 8525 for some reason though.

    By Blogger Alex, at 4:39 PM CDT  

  • I don't know how credible this is, but I did see this "news" posted by CrunchGear dated Aug. 9th:

    You heard it here first, folks. We have it from an inside source that the AT&T Tilt (aka 8925 aka Kaiser) hits stores September 3rd for $499 with 2-year plan.


    For what it is worth...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:15 PM CDT  

  • Okay, now lets be real here.
    I've had a cingular 8525 and all the 8925 adds to it is a newer os,3mg cam and GPS. Trust me, that still doesn't measure up with, what IPHONE brings to the table. Its ease of use, its interface,its intuitiveness, sexiness (and when i say that i mean that, do you know how many women throw themselves at me since i've had one, lol), its robustness on the internet. Do you realize an iphone on safari using edge still runs faster than a cingular 8525 on 3g running IE. And if you don't believe me go to YOUTUBE there is a comparison of a palm treo running 3g on mobile IE versus a IPHONE running safari, accessing the same site. And yes, the cache was cleared first. And the battery life on the 8525 is like 2 hours tops if you surf the internet. On my iphone I go 8 hours straight surfing, with WIFI cut off. And yes, I have both. The 8525 and the IPHONE. With all the hacks out for the iphone its close all the gaps with regards to 3rd party software,email clients, etc. And the iphone is so amazing that it has spawned a new race of internet applications which can do just about anything a native application can. Do you know what that means, it means. Evolution. You can't compare the two. Innovation vs What used to be the standard. Think about it. How do you compare the prehistoric looking interface in a Windows mobile device with an IPHONE's interface. The wow factor alone on the iphone is enough to put it up against the features of any phone. Look at the screen, the vividness the size, its form factor, its web use and just the simple things. Thats what the Windows devices lack. And have you realized that THE IPHONE has got every major vendor designing widgets and internet portals for it. Face it. IPHONE has set the bar so high, that all those who wish they had one or won't get one are searching for the new iphone killer. First was the LG prada, the it was the HTC touch, then the NOKIA, now the HTC Kaiser. When will the madness stop. It's like trying to find someone to take out the undisputed champ cause people are tired of him kicking everyone's ass. Buy the 8925 but trust me. You know you want the iphone. Yeah, you hate apple. And hey they print out too much paper for the iphone bills and yeah, they're being sued for the battery being put in the phone which only out performs any battery out there in the market. Knit picking BS. Think about what the iphone would look like when the GPS, is added to it, or the other little features it's missing. Apples and Oranges DUDE. It is pretty pathetic to compare. Could you compare a sooped up corola to a bentlely. I think not.

    By Blogger chuck, at 12:38 PM CDT  

  • Comparison between.




    By Blogger chuck, at 12:50 PM CDT  

  • Wow. The iPhone downloads youtube videos really fast. I know I've had many occasions when I've been away from my desktop and felt the need to watch that video of the skateboard-riding dog.

    Say. how long does it take an iPhone to edit an MS Word or Excel document?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01 PM CDT  

  • Reviews that are hardly recognizable as English when the poster is, more likely than not, a native English speaker are so ridiculously reliable. I should find myself a doctor and a dentist that frequently abuse commas and caps as well as throw in a "DUDE" from time to time. A professional like that is worth my money.

    I support my opinion that iPhone plays on the inability of many consumers to really learn their technology and how it works (basically) behind the scenes. If it works for some people, that's great. However, as far as comparing apples and oranges, the 8*25 phones have been direct competitors to the iPhone for several reasons, but basically for this: they have similar features, similar release/hype dates, and are around the same price. Their practical uses are extremely different, and the curb appeals are both superficial. iPhone is full of gimmicks and adverts. The computer illiterate youth see pretty colors and go "oh cool." Apple is counting on that to sell most of the phones. Some users (very few in the scheme of things) are going to pick the iPhone because of its functionality, which even by review standards is subpar for anything other than an MP3 player. The 8*25 are more appealing as functional and versatile (good reasons, mind you, in that I see buying a phone because it's pretty and because it has an extraneous letter in the front of its name to be pretty ridiculous) but also because they're NOT an iPhone.

    I won't lie about my hatred for the iFrenzy going on right now. When I see signs that say "No portable DVD players, iPods, or CD Players," I cringe. Despite not being the best portable media players available, they've swarmed the market and pushed pretty much every other company that actually makes reliable devices out of the equation. I've had to buy my last few mp3 players from Amazon and craigslist, for Christ's sake, because all the local stores carried nothing but Zunes and iPods (neither of which I'd even consider buying).

    Summary: They ARE competitors, they DO have similar features, they ARE superficially attracting customers, they ARE appealing to less ignorant consumers, they CAN compete in areas of functionality and usability. Anyone who says there's no competition has obviously been gobbled up by the iDisease.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:06 PM CDT  

  • Any idea on the price without a contract?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 PM CDT  

  • 8929 is a stupid looking phone that looks like and will be a piece of junk that will never work right or compete with iphone when you get it i will be happy for you to show me and we will compare all features head to head

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:02 PM CDT  

  • Reviews that are hardly logical and overly nonsensical, when the poster is a native English speaker, really lacks luster as it only exposes ones ignorance with regards to current technological innovation.

    Well apparently my Anonymous friend, you were able to read and understand my personal opinion with regards to the iphone vs the Cingular 8925, and all that you could argue were comma splices and the use of "caps".

    I think you're more an expert on proof reading than coming up with any logical reviews. Pretty much your better of correcting my after thoughts, than making any of yours.

    And furthermore, as with all negative comments made towards the iphone,your rationale for your distaste for the iphone falls short of anything intelligible.

    I've read your comments/arguments and it appears that your focus is targeted more towards, multiple functionality as supposed to novelty and innovation.

    To make a short and in depth analysis and/or comparison that distinctively separates the Iphone and the Cingular 8925, would be "simplicity and innovation" vs "multi functionality".

    In saying that, I would rather do one or two things very well, than do a bunch of things barely right.

    Out of curiousity, do you know what the interface of the iphone looks like, have you used one. Do you know what the “rich HTML” email client on the iphone is or how it operates relative to email client on the HTC. I do. I have both I know the difference.

    The Cingular 8*** series of phones takes a few steps backwards in terms of innovativeness, that is much seeked in our day and age.

    You disclose in your argument that, the "iPhone is full of gimmicks and adverts. The computer illiterate youth see pretty colors and go "oh cool." ".
    This alone proves, "ignorance is bliss", and that even responding to your semi-illiterate review of the interface of the iphone would be a waste, as you have no grasp of cutting edge innovativeness versus multi-functional madness.

    It is apparent that you have never used one, and probably can't afford one and so, your ranting and raving over an unrelated product is merely your way of consoling yourself.

    You mention that the iphone and the 8925 are competitors but then you also say that the iphone is no more than an mp3 player, and you further state it's a subpar one.

    An Mp3 player better than an Ipod. I guess all the millions and millions of people, who bought one thought differently, but of course, you do buy your electronics from craigs list. I mean, what was I thinking this "DUDE" actually knows WTF he is talking about.

    By the way feel free to point out any incorrect use of "commas" or "caps". Thats really the only thing you seem to know very well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:03 PM CDT  

  • Three major drawbacks of the new 8925

    1) 6.5 oz in weight (HEAVY)
    2) Inferior web browser to iPhone
    3) iPhone cell phone functionality beats the windows based phone. Its no contest!

    The Pros

    1) Access to G3 network
    2) 3mb camera
    3) More software...but honestly, how often will you use your cell phone to play games or login using SSH? Rarely.
    4) You can buy cheap batteries on eBay.

    Final analysis,

    iPhone is still my choice by far. I've owned a PDA for 2 years and eventhough they are cool, they can also be a major pain in the ASS. Specially if you don't have backups.

    iPhone still rocks!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:09 AM CDT  

  • omfg!!! Stop talking about your stupid IPhone. It's not our fault that you waited days in line with them knuckleheads and spend too much on the piece of Sh)t. LOLz

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM CDT  

  • I have to side with the pda folks, I tried the iPhone for a week and sure, its got some cool interfaces but what good is a cool interface when the underlying features accessed under that interface don't do what you need it to do. How could apple miss on the "delete selected items" and "exchange sync"? It might be better with a firmware/OS upgrade but lacks basic functionality currently. For us folks that are pc users to start with and use our phones to assist in work tasks, limitations like that are unacceptable. I took it back and am waiting for the Kaiser!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:44 PM CDT  

  • I have an iPhone and an 8525. I stood in line for neither and paid for neither (provided by work). I can honestly say that I love the interface on the iPhone, I just wish that the phone actually did anything useful. I more often than not just leave it in my bag and hope to remember to charge it for those occasions when I need a nice mobile browser or to watch a Youtube video on a pretty screen. Rarely do i go more than 20 minutes of my waking life without using my 8525. Yes the 8525 is a bit clunky and has some UI flaws. The browser is lousy (hopefully that will change with deepfish), but overall, I find it actually can do what I want my phone to do. Quick reliable email (no waiting 15 minutes) wireless contact and calender sync etc.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:41 PM CDT  

  • Will people please stop going on about their retarded iPhone?! All we want to know is when the 8925/tilt/kaiser is being released. I sorry that many of us don't care about watching youtube videos on the fly, and by the way it is a 3G network not a G3. Try it sometime it is pretty sweet.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:05 AM CDT  

  • I placed my order with my AT&T rep last week for Oct 5th delivery.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:16 PM CDT  

  • I had an iPhone, love it for the MP3 features and the occasional web browsing during the workday. the interface, the screen, the dimensions were great; but its too dumbed down for me; i didnt wait in line, i didnt pay $5,000 on eBay for one, i actually got it to replace both a Sony S710a slide cameraphone and a dying iPod at the same time. i also have an 8525 which i bought for my company, which was fantastic for its capabilities, even though i did notice the IE was slower than safari, but i RARELY watch youtube garbage; i use it for news, email, and business; something the iPhone just didnt seem as suited for to me. The lack of customizeable ringtones (it is an MP3 player, it SHOULD use MP3's as ringtones! my 2 yr old SONY did that!) and camera options of ANY sort (i teach digital photography so its very important to me) were the final straw; the iPhone is now in the happy hands of my fiancee. As for the 8525, at less than 2 months old, it sits in a desk drawer; i just bought the AT7T Tilt/Kaiser/TyTN II from my local AT&T store, which does do everything i would want, i use picsel for web browsing, can adjust anything cam related, have a 6GB card and a second in the case for music or movies, and i get to use them as ringtones. GPS and google maps works wonderfully, i find myself playing with it even though my car is equipped with navigation as well.

    For me, the iPhone was ALMOST what i wanted, the lack of options drove me nuts, and the interface is too dumbed down for me; i like details, tweakability, and substance. the 8525 certainly fit the bill, then along came the Tilt/8925, which is everything i wanted. BTW there is no front facing camera, and there is an option of purchasing an 8900/Tilt NC which has no camera at all.

    By Anonymous Slade, at 7:48 PM CDT  

  • Wellll niw that the phone is out and I have had mine for a week I find these posts hilarious...everyone speculates and in the end no one really knows until it comes out..just a few mistakes in these posts...
    well the GPS works with any program on the phone
    I know all 50 states!!
    The price was comparable to the iphone....but there is no comparison between the two phones.
    the point is this phone is awesome, and everyone in here tried to find faults with it before they even had it in their hands
    LIGHTEN UP GUYS the phone is perfect!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:16 AM CDT  

  • I'd even venture to say that HTC 8525 is a better phone than the iPhone. People need to face the music and realize they have bought into a new fashion trend instead of the best phone for their money.

    By Blogger BLK LS2, at 2:26 PM CST  

  • What it boils down to:

    iPhone- Caters to the "look at me i-trendy" consumers. Those that realy have no need for mobile computing, corporate email or appointments, do not need to VPN into corporate intranets, and download music from anywhere at anytime. Basicly those that want an iPod, phone, and web browser in a shiny package.

    8925/8525- Those that demand and expect more. They want a professional Pocket Computer that can esentially do everything a laptop can do (subject to screen size).

    Personally I chose the 8925 because it works in the real-world corporate environment. The iPhone had nothing to offer. Comparable, I think not!

    Plus, since it was brought-up in a previous posting: A mobile device that helps with business, puts money in the pocket - Women like that and the 8925 as well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 AM CST  

  • iPhone shmiephone...almost 90% of corporate America is running Microsoft Exchange Servers for email and more (especially with the new 2007 server). The best the iPOS can do is POP3. My 8925 connected to Exchange 2003 and then 2007 automatically. signed, someone who wants functionality, NOT glitz...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:31 PM CST  

  • a lot of comments here. I have both the 8525 and an Iphone. Real world business class phone needs>>get the 8X25 phone. Other needs like some mentioned above>>Iphone. But to compare some quality points not previously mentioned>> QUALITY OF'd expect that the Iphone would win here, but NOT..The synthesizer chip in the Iphone is weak. Even Apple admitted that the chip could have been a different, better chip. The 8525 actually has better sound and there are applications that even allow an equalizer to manipulate the sound. Again, the Iphone suits normal, everyday needs. But add need for company email from MS Exchange Server, use of STEREO Bluetooth headset (stereo headset use not available with IPhone), need for programs like Ewallet, ability to view/create/change Microsoft WORD or EXCEL documents, add/change memory card as needed, use the ATT 3G network (I know, speed of each has been discussed here), voice-dial availability with 8X25, ability to change my themes/desktop on the 8X25, ability to add an IPhone dial-pad to my 8525 to make buttons bigger, easier to use....well, I could go on. Don't get me wrong, I like my IPhone. It's just that many limitations do exist for the IPhone.

    By OpenID tigerdaddyjr, at 10:38 PM CST  

  • I think the iPhone wins hands down. Just use it for a few days and you won't be able to stop. That's what happened to me.

    By Blogger dave, at 2:48 PM CST  

  • hi,
    I hope you will excuse my french is way better!

    the Iphone doesn't connect with hotmail email and if you whant to watch web video other than you tube ...forget it !
    tomorow I will go to my cingular store and trow at them the 4 days old Iphone and get a tilt ( htc 8924 )

    apple play the monopoly game:
    hotmail = microsoft so..they block access.
    no real 3rd party software for the Iphone...They say this will be possible in feb 08 but only from the Itune store.

    unlocking the iphone is a nightmare! and if you do they will block you to install 3rd party software

    sorry I dont play the apple game.


    By Anonymous Alain, at 2:36 AM CST  

  • I just got rid of my iPhone and got the 8925. I'm actually having a lot more fun tinkering with it than I was trying to be productive with the iPhone. The iPhone is a toy. A very high powered toy, but a toy, nonetheless. I'm an avid Apple supporter, but, well, I'm digging Windows Mobile over the iPhone's "OS"... and I use that term lightly. Just figured I'd toss my opinion into this maelstrom.

    By Anonymous Optronix, at 5:29 AM CST  

  • yeah im not gonna lie i just ditched my iphone 2 weeks ago for the 8925. apple's had long enough to put out and they havent. the tilt kicks the iphones @$$!!

    since they make you pay the full price for the iphone it didnt reset my previous upgrade date! iphone users keep this in mind :-D.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:49 PM CST  

  • A friend got her iphone home and right off wanted to tether it (and the unlimited AT&T internet plan) to her 2yr mac laptop. NOT. Cannot be done without some kind of gimmicky reprogramming the iphone and likely voiding the warranty. What the f*ck?!?! What really is the point? Any Blackberry can be tethered to mac and to any pc laptop. Talked about lack of functionality blocked in the iphone. Yep, Apple b#tt-f*cked the ol' loyal customers on that one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 PM CDT  

  • i have an iphone like half the rest of the world, and you all can keep putting it down. but do all of you really have an 8925? i do, like some other people here. and honestly, i think my ipohone is way way cooler in every aspect

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:28 AM CDT  

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