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Friday, August 19, 2005

Fastest AGP card ever?

This may very well be the last AGP card I buy. I just picked up a watered cooled version of the BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra on eBay for $300. I know I know, I could have gotten a 7800 GT for only $130 more, but they don't sell the 7800 in an AGP version. I just bought a new mobo and CPU so I don't really feel like upgrading again already, not to mention it would cost me another $300 minimum and not really be that big of a speed bump.

The card I bought is water cooled so I will be needing to switch to regular heatsink before I can use it. I'm not used to shopping for heatsinks for my graphics card but there seem to be only a couple choices available. There's the Arctic Cooling VGA NV Silencer 5 which is pretty close to the stock heatsink and there's the Zalman VF700 which is closer to their CPU cooler designs. I am leaning towards the NV Silencer right now because it outputs the hot air outside the case which will help keep my PSU cooler. That's important because this card will be pushing my PSU pretty hard. I remember seeing someone using a regular CPU heatsink on their graphics card so I'm going to look that up again and see if I can do something similar.


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