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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Where have all the DL DVD's Gone?

Some CEO in charge of making dual layer DVD media needs to be bitch slapped. Why are the discs so freakin expensive? Dual layer burners have been out for more than a year; you can pick one up for under fifty bucks but good luck trying to get some blank media at a reasonable price. Single layer DVD's are around 20ยข apiece but dual layer DVD's are $3.50! Is the whole dual layer feature just a marketing ploy in order to get us to buy new burners or is the media really that hard to make? At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it's a conspiracy by the movie studios trying to keep DL DVD's off the market.

I don't have a dual layer burner yet because there's no reason to upgrade if the media isn't there. Does anybody remember 2.88mb floppies? I didn't think so. This is exactly the same situation, only the numbers have changed. Back when floppies were cool 2.88mb was a lot of storage and most people would have switched if they were reasonably priced. No one had a problem switching from single sided to dual sided floppies, so why 2.88? Some moron priced them to high and it just wasn't worth it.

Oh Dual Layer Digital Versatile Disc, we hardly knew thee.


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