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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reset a Lexmark Multi Function Printer

We accidentally set a bad password on a Lexmark X422 and I couldn't find the procedure to reset it anywhere. I contacted Lexmark support and they sent me the steps to get into the configuration menu where you can reset the printer back to factory defaults.
  1. Press and hold the Start and Stop buttons and turn on the printer.
  2. Hold the buttons down until “Performing Self Test” is displayed on the LCD.
  3. Release the buttons and “Configuration Menu” is displayed.
  4. Scroll to the RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS item on the menu and press select.
  5. Now scroll to RESTORE BASE and press select this sould reset your network card password. There is also a RESTORE NETWORK, this will erase the network configuration but will not reset the password.
I don't know how many other printers this will work on but I'm betting most of the all in one printers from Lexmark will work the same.