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Thursday, January 18, 2007 is gone

I've been getting a few requests from people looking for my old Hotline server I'm sorry to inform you that the server and all it's files are gone.

Most people that contact me are looking for Brew files and I'm also sorry to tell you that unless your phone uses Brew 1.1 you will not be able to use them. They haven't been shipping Brew 1.1 compatible phones for many years now so unless your phone is 4 years old it will use a newer version of Brew. I repeat, the files I no longer have will not work with your phone.

Hotline was this great program to share files back in the late 90's but it's not used much anymore because it was buggy and they started including spyware in the newer versions. Nowadays Bittorent has all the files you could need so try there.