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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

See Tom run. Run Tom run!

If you log into your Windows machine with a limited account there are times when you need to run a program with administrator privileges. There are couple options here, you can log out and log back in as the administrator but that's always a pain. You can right click and select "Run As" but that requires you to enter the administrator user name and password each time and can get annoying. There has to be a better way...

This handy batch file runs any program dropped onto it with alternate credentials. Just copy and past the following into a new batch file and replace "myusername" and "mydomain" with the appropriate information.


set LINK=%1
set LINK=%LINK:"=\"%
runas /savecred /user:myusername@mydomainname "cmd /c %LINK%"

The first time you run it it will ask for a password. Because the /savecred option is set you won't have to enter the password after that unless it changes. If you consider that a security risk just remove /savecred and it will ask you for the password each time it's run.



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