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Friday, March 24, 2006

Get your Blackberry fix

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Before I used a blackberry I thought they were pretty cool. Then I had to set a few up for some people at work. These things are like TI graphing calculators that send email instead of doing calculus. Maybe great for email and the occasional call, but thats it.

I really hate the term "crackberry", it ties mobile e-mail to a brand of device. Guess what? I have a Windows Mobile 5 device and it can check my Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and work accounts all at once. If we used exchange at work I would get push email just like a blackberry.

Maybe if I actually owned one for a while I might change my mind but I think Blackberrys will always be out classed by pocket PC devices. But then, for the less technically savvy people that's probably a good thing. They want a phone that just "gets email". They don't care what else it does. I feel Palm is the same way. Less powerful but easier for the average person to pick up and use.

So maybe that is the real power of the Blackberry, it's easy enough to use that people don't get intimidated by it. If it's to hard to use it doesn't matter what the device can do, it will end up neglected in a drawer. Crackberry really isn't that bad of a term then is it? It's like a gateway device that get them hooked on smartphones then they graduate to harder devices.

Just remember, the first ones always free kids.


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