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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Google is rumored to be working on their version of a linux distro. It would definitly be interesting to see what Google brings to the linux table. Maybe everyone would finally stop having to pay MS for an OS unless they wanted to.

Here's a snip from a Slashdot comment. "Note that I'm not saying this will end Windows at all, but that it will end the Windows monopoly. Windows is good at what it does. The market doesn't need a new monolith - it needs real competition. That's the great part about linux and open source." (whole thing)

While I agree competition is a good thing and open source is great, as an admin I really hate having multiple system types to support. If the market comes out with tons of new operating systems it might make me wish for the days when everyone used Windows. Since this is just another flavor of linux I don't have to worry but before it was only people who knew what they were doing installing linux, now who knows who will be installing it.


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